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A couple of weeks ago, I got all enraged about something that really has no bearing on my day to day and spent about two hours all humbug rape and pillage about it. It culminated in this post ( which essentially called the internet community out for being a bunch of angry fools. The problem being that I posted it on the internet as an angry fool.

This line of thinking has led me to realize that if we can’t stop the humbuglery of the internet, we ought to at least lable it for what it is. Thus the “Dirt, Ya Dig?” Anti-Rage campaign was born (or is being conceived herein to be born if anyone joins). The idea is that any time someone is senselessly raging and making the internet a more angry place, we simply remind them to let dirt be dirt and may as well send them a picture of dirt to beautify the post. Then perhaps people will eventually skip their rage altogether and simply post a picture of dirt on posts that anger them and save us all from infuriating and life shortening arguments, ya dig?

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